Bulk SMS

SMS implies short informing administration and holds messages for 140-160 characters long. Since those messages could a chance to be sent rapidly to an extensive set about people, SMS advertising need get a capable device around to publicizing and showcasing your results / administrations over today’s globe.

Advantages of Bulk SMS:

  • SMS can get read.
  • SMS is immediate.
  • SMS is personal and everywhere.
  • SMS doesn’t require an Internet connection.
  • SMS is download-free.
  • SMS allows organizations to own their audience.
  • SMS messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • Your message gets across in 160 characters or less. Short and sweet.
  • You can send bulk SMS messages from your computer.
  • Cheaper than a phone call
  • Takes less time to send a message than it does to make a phone call.

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